Select CASL/WSSL Uniforms

This is the uniform for Spring 2022.

  • When ordering, parents will have to indicate that they have tried on the uniform for sizing (or have elected not to).  The uniform can be tried on at  the Waverly Rd Moneyball retail location.
  • Parents will be able to order complete kits, or individual pieces, as needed.  There are five items to choose from on the website.  One item is the complete kit.  The other four items are the individual pieces (1 White Jersey, 1 Navy Jersey, 1 Navy Short, and 1 Sock).  If athletes opt for the full kit, they don't need to worry about the individuals (or vice versa).
  • When ordering, parents will indicate their team and coach.  All order communications will still come direct from Moneyball to the parent.  However, Moneyball will pack the order by team, which we will then pick up and bring to be distributed at practice on a specified date.

Parents will not be able to complete the ordering process without a jersey number. It is up to the coach to make sure that they have no repeating numbers. Once you receive your number choice back from the coach, order your uniform at see link below by March 21, 2022.

Please place Jersey number in the ORDER NOTES on the last page during checkout. This is located in the middle of the screen where you fill out your credit card information.

Click Here to Order CASL/WSSL Uniforms

Link to Moneyball Sportwear Uniform Site

Recreational/ESSL Uniforms

The recreational/ESSL uniforms are a blue and white reversible mesh shirt that will cost between $20-$25. These shirts are sold at Tshirt Goods at 1561 2B Haslett Rd, Haslett MI 48840.

Store hours are:

Monday-Thursday 10 AM to 6 PM
Friday 10 AM to 5 PM